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We believe technology should make your company more efficient, not dependent on an external agency. We wanted to create a new kind of tech consultancy firm that goes in with the intent of leaving you more efficent than before, not dependent. Our stategy is to create an agency that is part consulting, part learning.

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Alexa Skill Templates

We started building Amazon Alexa Skill back in 2015. You can find our skills featured in the Alexa Developer portal every time you create a new skill.

See all templates is a marketplace for developers to find and distribute Amazon Alexa Skills. Using our Click-to-Deploy system, just find a template that suits your project, click, and start building.

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DialogueDB is an NPM package for managing voice intent models. We built it because language is complicated and it used to be hard to store these models.

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We don’t publish books but our team members are starting too. The first one, by our founder and CEO, is set to be released this May.

Exploring GTP-3

By Steve Tingiris

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Packt Publishing, May 2021

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