About us

Since 2015, Dabble Lab has been exploring to create educational resources for emerging technologies. However our definition of “education” is pretty expansive.

While we produce video tutorials and courses, we also advise businesses on where emerging technologies could improve workflows, implement these solutions, and train teams on how to be more efficient with these tools.

Our philosophy—rapid proficiency

In today’s world, technology changes fast, and unless you’re mindful, it’s easy to fall behind. For much of the 20th century, hyper specialization was ideal because that was needed to enable the technological feats that we take for granted today.

As technologists, we love discovering and building new technologies, but we understand that in business, there’s not always room for this R&D, especially with today’s pace of change.

Dabble Lab is about streamlining the technical understanding for pragmatic, business purposes. Our team explores, develops, and teaches, while your team does what it knows best.

Our people

Our team is made up of passionate technologists from every continent.

Erick Agrazal

Software Engineer

Kirk Owen

Business Development

Manuel Fernandez

Software Engineer

Mark Hovsepyan

Software Engineer

Mohammad Khalid

Software Engineer

Rahul Yadav

Developer Evangelist

Shubham Prakash

Software Engineer

Sohini Pattanayak

Developer Evangelist

Steve Tingiris

Founder & CEO

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