Life as a Dabbler

We invite Dabblers who share our values to join our collective.

Dabble Lab operates as a collective rather than a traditional firm. Instead of being assigned work, Dabblers find and organize projects themselves. Project teams are small—generally no larger than five people—and Dabblers establish commitments and compensation with each of their project teams. This structure enables us to avoid beaucracy and maintain our community. We don’t guarantee work for any members, but if you’re valuable, you’ll have no trouble joining projects.

Working in our collective is somewhere between working for yourself and being part of an organization. We’re transparent about project budgets and market realities, and we allocate “dabbling time” so our members to continuously upskill and transition between projects as seamlessly as possible. We’re a supportive community, but we’re a self-directed bunch. If you prefer having tasks assigned to you, we might not be the best fit.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can apply for our Dabble Lab Talent Accelerator, or “DLTA.” We don’t invite people for projects or specific positions, but instead look for members who can adapt and evolve over time, and who want to continuously expand their knowledge and expertise.

Membership Benefits


Dabblers are independent members of the collective. We set our own time commitments, choose our projects, and work on projects outside of the collective. Dabble Lab is more of a community network than a hierarchical organization.


Dabblers get paid time to spend learning new technologies and honing new skills so they can stay relevant and adapt to market realities. As a research lab, we work on a lot of projects that use emerging technologies and wouldn’t be used in a product-based company.


Dabblers can make Dabble Lab what they want with a diverse, global community of bright and ambitious individuals. Thanks to our flexibility, we have members with a wide range of lifestyles and backgrounds—all united by our core values.


Being a community first, we want everyone to be well. We’re transparent about our internal budgets and business realities and do our best to keep everyone in the loop. Our learning policies keep our members skills updated and competitive.

Our values

Our works adapts with the times, but our mission—free people to do things that are more human—never changes.

Apply to join

We’re onboarding our newest round of dabblers, but you can join our waitlist for our next DLTA group.