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We provide technical consulting services that address the challenges of staffing modern software teams.

The time and human resources required to design, build, and maintain software solutions varies over the lifecycle of a project. These changing demands make staffing software project teams tricky to say the least; especially for large projects and projects that leverage emerging technologies. To further complicate things, most projects require a mix of skills that no one person likely has, and all the required skill sets are rarely needed all of the time. In addition, finding qualified candidates is challenging because emerging technologies are rapidly changing and experienced candidates are often in short supply. The result is either capacity bottlenecks, talent gaps, cost overruns, or all three.

Dabble Lab’s services address the challenges of staffing software teams with what we call a variable team. A variable team is a diverse technical team that can be shared across multiple clients and projects. While any single project may not be able to justify the costs of a fully staffed software project team, the same benefits are available through fractional access to the Dabble Lab variable team.

Our clients can adapt and adjust their talent mix as needed without the commitment required to hire full-time employees; or the complexity of finding, qualifying, and managing individual freelancers. Further, teams can expand when additional resources are needed, or be scaled back at any time, always with the assurance of continued access to the talent that might be needed again in the future.

Client Benefits

Rapid Scalability

Priorities and budgets can change rapidly, and Dabble Lab variable teams empowers our clients to respond instantly—without making layoffs or keeping old talent on payroll.

Passionate Technical Talent

Evaluating quality technical talent is hard—and what constitutes quality changes fast. We remove this challenge from the equation to let your organization focus on what it does best.

Always Dabbling Culture

Dabbling is part of our DNA, and as a research lab, we go beyond what a traditional software development studio can provide in offering services with the latest emerging technologies.


We’re a diverse, global community of technical optimists, and we have chosen to structure our firm so dabblers are aligned more by values than simply market opportunities.

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