A smarter way to build, validate and launch technology products.

Dabble Lab helps entrepreneurs rapidly prototype and validate technology products to get great ideas to market faster.

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    Mark Swanson
    CEO, Pickett Technologies
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    Nick Wagner
    Founder, Flipbook
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    S. Khurrum Hasan
    CEO, MeSpoke

A smarter way to launch technology products.

One way to launch a technology product is to just build it and take it to market. If you’ve got the know how, and it’s a simple product, that might be the way to go. However, in most cases, a smarter approach is to start with a prototype and validate your market first.

Our rapid prototyping process makes it fast, easy and affordable to create prototypes that can be just as effective as a final product to validate your ideas with potential customers or to pitch investors.

A proven approach to accelerate product development and validate your app ideas faster.

Stage #1: Planing & Wireframes

We begin by defining user journeys and writing user stories to clarify the product vision. Next, we create storyboards, wireframes, and technical requirements.

Stage #2: UI Design & User Experience

When Stage #1 is completed, we create a high fidelity prototype. The high fidelity prototype provides an almost exact representation of the final user interface.

Stage #3: Front-end Development

After designing the user interface and user experience, it’s time to convert the high fidelity prototype that was created in Stage #2 into the final functional MVP front-end.

Stage #4: Back-end Development

After the functional front-end is completed in Stage #3, we move on to code the back-end APIs that will allow the front-end to access, save and manipulate live data.

Stage #5: User Testing

With a completed MVP, it’s time to go get some real users. The goal in this stage is collect user feedback  to refine and improve the product; and maybe impress an investor or two.

Stage #6: Market Validation

The best apps get better over time. So, we provide ongoing support to allow you to continue validating or to transition from an MVP to a final production-ready product.

Get your app to market faster with less risk and a better chance of success.

You can easily spend over $100,000 to have a web or mobile app developed. For the right idea, it could be well worth it. But, how can you be sure before making that kind of investment? The answer is to validate your idea with a prototype or an MVP (minimally viable product) before developing a full-blown app.

Creating a prototype or an MVP can be done in a matter of weeks and costs a fraction of what you’ll invest in a full-blown app. So, you’ll be able to validate your idea fast while increasing your odds of success and reducing your risk.

Start validating your app idea for just $5,000

Before investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars building out your mobile or web app, start with a prototype. You'll be able to validate your idea faster and you will invest a lot less to do so.

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