Machine Learning


Our Machine Learning Team focuses on developing quick-feedback systems, where intelligent insights are applied to real-world solutions as quickly as possible.

The team specializes in language-aware models, such as OpenAI’s GTP-3, and develops solutions that reduce back-and-forth communication.

Natural Language Processing

OpenAI GPT-3 and CodeX

Dabble Lab

In August of 2020, we began working with GPT-3 as part of the OpenAI private beta. A year later, our founder and CEO, Steve Tingiris authored the first book on GPT-3, which was published by Packt Publishing.

Change is the only constant when it comes to emerging technologies. So at Dabble Lab, we are constantly exploring and learning new technologies to stay current. When we began dabbling with GPT-3, we were quickly convinced GPT-3 and similar large language models will play a big role in the future of AI. So today, we are focused on understanding and applying GPT-3 and similar technologies.

The book Exploring GPT-3 is a great introduction to GPT-3 and the OpenAI API. It was written to be a resource for anyone interested in learning about and getting started with GPT-3 and the OpenAI API.

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