Our Team

Steve Tingiris

Managing Director

Steve is a software engineer, turned entrepreneur and professional dabbler. In his career, Steve has founded and sold three technology companies and is currently the managing director of Dabble Lab where he leads the day-to-day operations while still blocking plenty of time to dabble with the latest emerging technology.

Karthik Ragubathy

Technical Project Lead

He started coding when he was 18 and have been doing that ever since. Aim: Build reliable solutions that just work. Having built for desktops, web and mobile platforms - these days, working with voice bots. You may find him deeply engrossed in his Kindle finishing off non-fiction books when not coding. Michael Scott is his spirit animal.

J. Brubaker Wills

Project Manager

His best friend is his Dog. Happy place - Wilderness. He still consider vinyls and cassettes to be the best way to enjoy music. His professional background involves Management, Marketing and Front End Design. Belief: "No experience is a bad experience. Just work hard, roll with the punches and enjoy life."

Ashwin Sathawane

Sr. Software Engineer

His favorite techonologies to dabble with - PHP, Laraval, Javascript, NodeJS, Swift, Objective C. Enjoys continuous learning and exploring new technologies. Exploring new places with friends relaxes him. Life approach: Simplistic and practical. Favorite Show: Mr. Robot. Belief - "There is no undo button in real life so try to code it better!"

Arpita Bhattacharjee

Marketing Manager

Foodie. Conversationalist. Animal Lover. Language enthusiast. Explorer. Multitasks between marketing, administration and web designing. Loves exploring new skills. Her approach is to bring the desired change rather than waiting for it. Belief -"Work SMART and keep LEARNING."

Ashish Patil

Sr. UX Designer

Intrested in all kinds of visual communication, focusing on designing web & mobile interfaces. His skills expands to branding and logo design. When not designing, you can find him capturing the fleeting moments of life and nature. Loves pets, music, travel.

Atharva Jagtap

Software Engineer

Programmer, pythonista, tech geek, fast learner, animal lover. Favorite technologies: Python, NodeJS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchains. He enjoys Python for it's flexibility & extensive module. Love: Solving complex computing issue, avid reader, cyclist, billiards, watching thrillers. Belief: "Think twice, code once".

Mohammad Khalid

Sr. Software Engineer

Favorite technologies: MEAN Stack, Artificial Intelligence, Java, Javascript. Passionate about learning new technologies. Love to spend time with friends, family, animated games and also at greenery, historical and adventure places. Playing cricket and soccer. Philosophy: Try, try and try untill you succeed.