We’re first and foremost a team of people excited about the future, and part of the fun in our work is getting to spend time learning about technologies that don’t always have a large market. We do our best to support the developer communities that grow these technologies into the products and services that will power of future lives.

Development live streams

Twice a week our developer evangelists run tutorial live streams where they answer questions and present new integrations and best practices for Amazon Alexa developers.

Schedule —

Dabble Alexa with Sohini

Fridays at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET

Join our Developer Evangelist Sohini Pattanayak every week for demos on developing Alexa skills using Node.js.

Build Skills with Rahul

Wednesdays at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Join our Developer Evangelist Rahul Yadav every week for demos on developing Alexa skills using Python.

Alexa Developer Meetup

We believe voice is the interface of the future. One of the ways we support this belief is by bringing those most interested in voice together, which is why we organize the Alexa Development Meetup in San Francisco.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve shifted to meeting over Zoom, which means we get to connect with people interested in voice tech from around the globe.


We’re not the only team trying to support emerging technologies, and sometimes great teams just need a bit of community support.

We’re proud to sponsor teams and events that we believe are doing incredible work.

If your team, event, or project could benefit from sponsorship and is involved with emerging tech, shoot us an email.

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