Frequently asked questions about Dabble Lab

You can also get your questions answered by connecting with us on Facebook at facebook.com/dabblelab or on Twitter at @dabblelab. If you’d rather avoid the social scene, contact us via email. Or better still, schedule a call.

What is Dabble Lab?

Dabble Lab is a technology research and development firm that provides on-demand and fractional R&D teams for hire. Our mission is to help accelerate innovation by making rapid technology R&D initiatives practical for any size organization. Our focus is on mobile, and voice-first app prototyping and custom business automation solutions. We blend the best of an independent technology R&D firm with the benefits of leveraging on-demand talent marketplaces to provide our clients with access to the best possible talent for projects requiring expertise in machine learning, voice recognition, natural language understanding, machine vision, and other emerging technologies.

What kind of clients does Dabble Lab work with?

Our clients are both individuals and organizations. The individuals we work with tend to be people with a great ideas who just don’t have the time or the technical background to take on the product development themselves. The organizations we work with are generally too busy or they’ve found that working with an outside team provides cost or speed advantages over internal development efforts.

How can Dabble Lab assist larger organizations?

Dabble Lab helps larger organizations by providing a “startup like” approach to accelerate innovation and early-stage product development. We make moving at the speed of a startup possible, no matter how large your organization is.

How does Dabble Lab work with individuals and startups?

You have an idea for a technology product like a mobile app or a smart device but you don’t have the time or the technical background to manage the product development. We act as your technical co-founder to execute the technical side of turning your idea into a market-ready product.

What is a typical Dabble Lab project like?

Most often, the starting point is the development of a prototype or a minimally viable product (MVP) for market testing or as a proof of concept for raising capital or getting user feedback. This initial project usually takes 15-90 days to complete. In addition to producing a prototype or MVP, this initial project also provides a clear picture of what it will take to develop a fully functional initial version.

Do you have programmers on staff?

Yes. However, after developing the prototype or MVP, we can also work with your existing developers, manage freelance developers or recruit and hire on-staff developers for you, if that’s what you need.

Can Dabble Lab help raise funding?

Yes. We see our role as your CTO or technical co-founder. If you’re a tech company seeking funding, the role we’re responsible for is often involved in investor conversations to answers questions about the technology and the product roadmap. From that standpoint; yes, we do help with fund raising.

How does Dabble Lab charge for services?

How we charge for our services depends on the project, but generally we have two models. For small fixed-scope projects (under 30-days with well defined objectives) we typically charge a flat, fixed-fee. These projects normally range from $5,000 – $15,000 and are billed 50% up-front and 50% on completion. For variable-scope (agile) or larger projects (over 30-days) we work on a fixed monthly budget. Monthly budgets for agile projects start at $2,500 / month.