Video Transcript

Hey, this is Steve with Dabble Lab.  In a recent video, I talked about creating new Alexa Skills from Templates and I did that using the clone command in the ASK-CLI.  I did that using the clone command because at the time there wasn’t a way to create new skill projects from templates, but there is now with the latest version of the ASK-CLI, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today in the video.

So first thing is — I think, it’s version Beta 7, let’s see.  Yeah.  So the version of the ASK-CLI that I’m using is Beta 7 and they’ve added this option here.  So the ask new command now includes a switch here template to provide a template name and a URL to the template.  If you don’t provide the URL, you get a list of the templates that are provided by Amazon and there’s three of them that are out there right now, the three classics.  So we’ll go ask new and it’s the fact template in the quiz game in the trivia template.  So these were previously and they might still be in the Alexa — well, not Alexa but the AWS Management Console they were called blueprints.  So I’m not sure if that’s changed or not.  We can check in a second.

Let’s go ahead and we’ll select the fact template which is the space facts template and that creates a new skill project for that skill, and here it is, here.  And you can see I’ve got a complete skill project ready to go and this one again is for the space facts example skill.  So I’m going to just see — well, we’ll just leave it as is and go ahead and deploy it.

So allocation I’ve done now is I’ve just pulled down the project template and now I’ll use the ask deploy command to try to deploy it out to my AWS management console and do the Alexa developer portal.  So we’ll go deploy.  This is going to take a minute, so I’m going to pause.  Let’s see, get in right directory, like that.  Okay.  So this might take a minute.  I’ll pause and come back.

Okay.  So now it’s all deployed, everything finished up, we’ll go check it out and see if everything is there.  So going to my management console or developer rather and there’s my new fact skill and the invocation name is space facts.  Let’s see if this is — well, enabled, so we can test out in second here.  Space facts and we got a response.  So the Lambda Function is set up and there it is – custom fact profile.  I’m not sure where it’s getting the name.  I’ll check that out, but let’s test it out.

Steve:  Alexa, open space facts.

Alexa:  Here’s your fact.

There it is.  That is using the Alexa Skills Kit-CLI to create new skills from templates and this is new functionality, again that’s available in the latest beta release.

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