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How to Establish Apple Developer Account
October 10, 2016

Apple requires everyone to establish a developer account in order to submit apps to the Apple App Store. In this video…

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InvisionApp: How to Use Comments to Provide Feedback
September 8, 2016

InvisionApp is tool that improves the way we present and get feedback on our prototypes. Thanks to built in commenting feature,…

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Native Apps vs. Hybrid Apps – What’s Best for You and Your Customers?
January 31, 2016

There are smartphone apps for everything, whether it’s finding your car, managing a project, or keeping in touch with your family…

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Do you need a technical co-founder?
October 15, 2015

I don’t think non-technical founders should learn to code. I also don’t think most non-technical founders need a technical co-founder. There…

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Launching a startup? Don’t learn to code.
October 8, 2015

I’ve been a coder for a long time and founded multiple startups. I’ve been successful, but I might have been a…

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