Video Transcript

Hey, this is Steve with Dabble Lab.  In this video, I’m just going to do a demo of a skill that we’re building for a client project that I think illustrates the possibilities of Alexa in business.  And also in a future video, I’m going to do a video on how to build this or something similar.

Steve:  So Alexa, start our daily meeting.

Alexa:  Hello, I’m ready for our meeting.  But I’ll need your authorization code to continue.

Steve:  4367251.

Alexa:  Okay.  I’ve confirmed your authorization code.  Would you like to start with sales, marketing, finance or product development?

Steve:  Let’s start with sales.

Alexa:  Okay.  Here’s what’s going on with sales.  Gross sales as of yesterday, September 25 for $333,276.  That’s 37% ahead of plan for the month.  Pretty sweet.  Robert is the top sales rep this month with gross sales of $64,321.  This is Robert’s third month in a row as the top sales person.  But Mary is isn’t far behind with gross sales of 63,427.  Go Mary!  What would you like an update on next?

Steve:  How about finance?

Alexa:  Here’s the finance update.  As of yesterday we are current on all payables.  We have $632,471 until the receivables.  The one concern I have is that our receivables, agent has been increasing every month for the past three months.  It’s not a major issue yet, but if this continues, I may have to go all digital on somebody.  But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.  What’s next?

Steve:  Can you send a status update to investors?

Alexa:  Okay.  I sent an update to investors.  I’ve also archived it for reporting.

Steve:  Tell me about product development.

Alexa:  Here’s where we are with product development.  We’re currently in Sprint #17 which ends on September 29, 2017.  There have been a total of three pull requests and two pull requests that have been merged into the master branch.  There are 17 active GitHub contributors Bosco1984 is the most active contributor with 271 commits this Sprint.  Wow!  I’d like that person working on my code.  The most active open issue is two factorial authorization doesn’t always send a code, which is now 7 days old and has 32 comments.  What do you want to hear about next?

Steve:  What’s going on in support?

Alexa:  Here’s the latest updates for support.  Twitter is our most active support channel with 177 direct messages or replies.  Facebook is second with 126 comments for messages.  Of all the public comments, 27 seem to be negative.  One person seems very irritated and has posted 7 negative comments.  I’ll e-mail the negative comments to you now.  What do you want to hear about next?

Steve:  I guess we should talk about marketing.

Alexa:  Here is what’s up in marketing.  Our total cost per lead for his month is just under $23.  That’s in the range with what we projected.  Our marketing cost per sale is still increasing at an average of $372, so our sales closing rate is dropping.  This could be either an issue with lead quality or sales closing rates.  You should look into this further.  Hourly flow is good but this month we had 65% of our leads come from Facebook Lead Ads, that’s a lot of a leads from a single source.  Also, our cost per lead from the Kate’s Case Study campaign is really good at just about $7.  But that campaign just started last week and we don’t have any sales from it yet.  What would you like to hear about next?

Steve:  That’s it for now.

Alexa:  Hello, I’m ready for our meeting.  But I’ll need your authorization to continue.

Steve:  Alexa, stop.

Alexa:  Okay.  I’ll be hear if you need me.

So that’s our voice dashboard skill that we’ve been working on.  If you’re interested, I’m thinking of, like, doing a video on how we put it together but wanted to gauge interest.  If you’re interested leave comments and that’s a voice dashboard.

Thanks so much.